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Have a Memorable Biking Experience in New Hampshire

It’s probably difficult to describe the awesome experiences that you feel while cycling. There’s this feeling of the wind in your hair and the satisfaction of getting from one place to another. You also get to maintain your own pace all along.

Biking enthusiasts are always on the hunt for an ideal place to enjoy their favorite activity. New Hampshire is one of such places, where your cycling trip would be filled with memorable moments. There are hundreds of trails to be taken in this American state.

They are located within White Mountain National Forest and New Hampshire State Parks. If you need a friendly advice while cycling in this state, just stop by any of the bike shops. You’ll get to know the best off-road routes and local cycling paths. Here are some of them:

1. Kingman Farm

The trails at Kingman Farm are maintained well for all levels of bikers to have fun cycling. It also doubles as a location for training the mountain biking team of the University of New Hampshire. This mild trail also gives advanced riders the chance to push themselves.

They can benefit from the single track trails for some challenging rides. However, it’s the beginners who would be full of appreciation for this trail. It offers scenic views, gentle paths, and good diversity in trails.

2. Beaver Brook

Another trail that appeals to the beginners, Beaver Brook is also a perfect spot for all bikers. It mostly offers a smooth ride and has wider double tracks that are great for new cyclists. Advanced mountain bikers can take the single track paths that are rockier and challenging.

3. Bear Brook State Park

It has been recognized as the ‘hands down’ best place to ride in New Hampshire by The park has more than 40 miles of mountain biking trails. Both beginners and experts would enjoy the various challenges that they offer. There are single and double tracks winding through scenic woods. They are full of old town remnants, which include cemeteries, dams, stone foundations, and chimneys.

4. Moose Brook State Park

You’ll find many outdoor recreational opportunities in this park that spans 87 acres. Flowing through Moose Brook State Park are the Moose and Peabody rivers. They offer fantastic fishing opportunities and picnic spots that are located by the waterside.

Those interested in cycling can find excellent single track trails in addition to the dirt roads. Also located in this park is a well-known campground. It has over 55 sites, which gives you the chance to unwind after your biking adventure.

5. Drummer Hill and Goose Pond

You might get a bit muddy while at Goose Pond, but you can take a cool dip in the waters. This will help you clean yourself. The most extensive single track destination in Keene, this spot is for both intermediate and expert riders. Of course, by the time you return to the city you’ll be muddy again.

There are unimproved double track trails that stretch to 13 miles. They’re ideal for beginners, but such individuals may not have the smoothest terrain on these trails.

6. Eastside Trail Network

The Eastside Trail Network would be a delight for adventurous mountain bikers. It features fast-paced and thrilling runs over single tracks. You’ll encounter swooping turns, wooden bridges, and exciting descents. If you’re a rider of a beginner or intermediate level, you’ll need to maintain a slower pace.

Bikers will get to savor amazing views while on the trails. They can also visit some archaeological and historical sites in between their rides.

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