New Hampshire ski trails

7 Ski Trails Worth Trying in New Hampshire

When the ski season arrives, New Hampshire is thronged by all sorts of skiers. All of them look forward to experiencing the freshly groomed trails on the slopes. If you’re not crazy about the crowds of skiers, there’s another option. In a serene natural setting, you can try cross country skiing in the state during your winter vacation.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are looking for alpine ski adventures or cross country skiing. Here we have some recommendations that you’d love to explore this winter:

1. Taft Slalom

Located on the Cannon Mountain, the origins of this historic alpine trail date back to 1932. Taft Slalom has been a reason for unparalleled winter joy for many skiers since decades. So, it has undoubtedly become a favorite even among the skiers coming from distant places.

You can take a slide down the ridge towards the saddle between Mittersill and Cannon. It is also suggested that you find a glade somewhere and stop to take in the serenity.

2. Vista Way

To begin with, Vista Way offers stunning views of the mountains. Upon taking this trail, you can be eye-level with Mount Lafayette’s summit. This is one of the 4000-foot mountains of the state. The cool terrain of this trail would instantly impress you. In the beginning, the trail is flat and narrow. Then it opens up and goes down below the tramway. You’ll certainly feel the adrenaline rush as you go down the slope of this trail.

3. Polecat

Polecat is located on the Wildcat Mountain. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the northern Presidential Range and Mount Washington upon getting here. One of the longest trails for novice skiers, this trail is among the ones they must try. Of course, the beautiful natural surroundings are a bonus. This particular destination gets a nice dump of powdery snow as well.

4. Green Peak

This trail technically comprises 10 trails in an expansion of 45 acres. You’ll find this trail upon getting to the Waterville Valley. It has the right terrain for everyone, including the beginners and intermediate-level skiers.

5. Rosebrook Glades

Rosebrook Glades makes you feel as if you’re floating. Although it’s not too steep, the trail is perfect for skiing through the snow among the trees. So, if you’re a fan of skiing through the forest trail, Rosebrook Glades would be the best. This hybrid forest trail is located in Bretton Woods. You might even get the chance to watch some wild creatures in action during your time on this trail.

6. Hardscrabble

Hardscrabble is an amazing open trail on the Cannon Mountain. With lots of snow, it has been delighting skiers for many decades. This natural snow trail has a bit of an uphill run at the bottom. It could throw some challenges for you if you’re a beginner.

7. Puff Trail

For those who are just starting to ski, Pat’s Peak would be an excellent place to explore. There, you’ll find the Puff Trail, which is a gentle and fun ski trail. You can also become a part of the Learn-to-Ski program here. This program is conducted by knowledgeable instructors. You’ll also find a separate area that has been created for beginners to help them focus on the basics.

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